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As our way of saying THANK YOU, we’d like to offer you this “Fans Only” digital box set.  It has all of our releases to date – a $60 value – which includes Hitman’s solo acoustic album. That solo album is not available anywhere else, as it was a limited run – just for the 2017 UK tour. We’ll also include all the artwork for each release, so you get the “full package”. That’s over 60 songs, for only:


less than HALF PRICE!


  • Blooztown – this started it all. With legendary sidemen, these seasoned pros helped Hitman make a critically acclaimed album that put him “on the map”.
  • Live At Stony Brook – a snapshot in time of a live Hitman Blues Band concert!
  • Pale Rider – this album started Hitman touring in Europe to sold out crowds
  • Blues Enough – with the addition of the horn section, this opened up the band to a whole new group of fans
  • The World Moves On – with massive international airplay, Hitman topped charts and made magazine covers
  • Playing To The Crowd – made just for the 2017 UK tour, this solo album features some of Hitman’s favorite cover tunes, plus some new originals.



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